Top 10 Best Selling Slot Car Sets

The Best Selling Slot Car Set Best This Month Is:

Scalextric 1:32 Start 'GRID 24' Race Car Set


Scalextric 132 Start 'GRID 24' Race Car Set

The Scalextric 1:32 Start 'GRID 24' Race Car Setis understandably the bestselling slot car set this month.

This set is enjoyed by young and old alike. With grandparents enjoying reliving the old times and the grandkids learning and racing the cars for the first time. With 14 feet of track and two durable racing cars. There are two settings on the controller fast and slow - to help those new to the hobby chance to get used to it

It is currently being discounted at Amazon by 9 % which brings the price around $100 which makes this a good buy for a quality starter set from Scalextric - one of the leading manufacturers of slot cars that has stood the test of time.

There are 4 customer reviews of this set with them all praising both the quality and the fun factor with it. The current rating is 4.8 - which is fantastic for a slot car set.

It seem this a great choice as a slot car track for beginners and their family. You do need to keep in mind that because it is a slot car set the cars need to be raced and controlled to keep them on the track, and it can take a little time to learn the skill.

The Top Best Selling Slot Car Set List For August 2013 is:

1. Scalextric 1:32 Start 'GRID 24' Race Car Set
2. Carrera Marvel - The Avengers "Hero Team Chase" Race Set
3. Carrera Mario Kart Wii Race Set
4. Carrera Marvel - The Amazing Spider-man "Manhattan Madness" Race Set
5. My First Scalextric Set - Micro Scalextric - 1:64 Scale
6. Life Like Classic '57s Electric Race Set - Chevy Nomads
7. Scalextric Fast and Furious Race Car Set, 1:32 Scale
8. Scalextric C1307T Grid Force Racing Set, 1:32 Scale
9. Scalextric 1:32 Start Battle of Endor Star Wars Set - C1288T
10. Carrera Digital 143 Super GT Race Set

This list is the top 10 selling slot car sets according to for October 2013. You can see all of these slot car sets for some of the best deals online when you click on the links above. Also when you click on the links you can see more information and  how real customers are rating them.

The range of slot car set best sellers includes a good range of sets of starter sets for kids such as the Scalextric and Carrera Go Sets particularly the Marvel Avengers and Amazing Spiderman. These sets are all either 1:43 scale or HO Scale so you can fit loads of racing action in a small space. For older children you might want to check out our digital slot cars listing or take a look at our Carrera listings or AFX listings or maybe even the Scalextric listings.

You can get the full lowdown on all the 10 bestselling slot car sets for October when you click the links above.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a child or maybe even one for yourself, you are sure to be able to find one that will be right for you from this list.

When you are looking to buy slot car sets on the internet we find they are available at the best deals from Amazon and you get the assurance from Amazon's reputation for great customer service too. You'll get all the details by clicking on the links above.

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