The Disney Cars Race Track

With a Disney Cars race track you can relive all the thrills of the Piston Cup racing from the opening scene. Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks going head to head in the race at the beginning of the Cars Movie was one of the most exciting heart-thumping moments of the movie. You can bring this excitement to your children with a Disney cars race track. (You can find out the latest on Disney cars  here

Carrera Go Disney Cars Race Track - No Longer Available.

With the release of latest Disney Pixar movie Cars 2 Carrera have stopped making this slot car set. You can pick it up from time to time from various sites around the web ifChecxk you want. But more importantly Carrera have released a range of slot car sets that tie into the new movie. I have written about these new Disney Cars slot car sets here Carrera Disney Cars 2 Slot Cars

From the Carrera Go range (which is the same range range as the set described here) they have released 4 different Disney Car 2 Sets. For the more experienced slot car racer they have also released the Carrera Evolution World Grand Prix set.

Check out my post on the Carrera Disney Car 2 Slot Cars for a more in depth look into these slot car sets.

Disney Cars Race Track Details

The 1:43 Scale Carrera Go Disney Cars Slot Car race track is a traditional slot car racing set with 18 feet of track, that include long straights, hairpin turns, banked corners to keep the excitement alive. The cars are magnetized to help to keep them on the track and keep the race alive longer for younger racers. The room needed for the assembled track is 8.13 x 2.53 feet
The 2 scale cars included are replicas of the hardened professional Chick Hicks and the fresh new kid on the track Lightning McQueen.  They look like the “real thing” in miniature (1:43 scale).You can race them side by side on this track with a lap counter to let you know where you are up to. You can run a series of races to see who will be the overall champion, but who will race as Chick Hicks?
This Disney cars race track is recommended for children over the age of 8.
It can take a bit of fiddling to get the cars into the slot correctly, but once in they race round the track pretty well. You do need to control them round the track – slow down for the corners and go flat out on the straights with the speed controlled by pressing and releasing the hand held controllers.

Assembling The Disney Cars Race Track

It is relatively easy to assemble with clear instructions using a bolt system. There a 26 pieces of track, 2 controllers and 2 cars, accessory pieces included have Disney Cars pictures to add to creating the atmosphere of the movie.  Being easy to assemble it is also easy to un-assemble for storage, if you are allowed.
Mater And Sally can be purchased separately and raced on this version of the Disney cars race track.

Disney Cars Race Track Available

The  1:43 Scale Carrera Go Disney Cars Slot Car race track is a great introduction to the thrilling hobby of slot car racing. It is also a fun Disney Cars race track for kids to relive the Disney Cars movie. It has some good reviews and is available here; Amazon Disney Cars Slot Cars .  The Disney Cars race track from Carrera is a great way for children and their parents to have fun together.

Go Carrera Disney Cars Race Track in German (I think) demonstrates how Carerra slot cars speed around the track.

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