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AFX Super International Cars And Track
AFX slot cars are still going and are much better than you probably remember them. In the 1960s and early 1970s AFX slot cars were very popular, a bit like video games today except it was a hobby or sport that dads and sons played together.

AFX slot Cars are HO scale cars – which is 1:64 scale of a real car. The cars are approximately 2.5 inches long by 1 inch. You can get a lot of action in a small area – with sets featuring 360 degree loops, spiral turns etc.

AFX Racing is still going strong with a wide range of slot cars, sets and accessories available.

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1. AFX Range
2. AFX Video
3. Popular AFX Sets Descriptions
4. AFX Racing Background
5. AFX Slot Car Customer Reviews
6. AFX Slot Cars And Accessories

AFX Range

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Currently there are 7 Afx slot car sets available and their features. By clicking on the image it will take you to a full review of the various sets. If you want to check out the price click on the CHECK PRICE>>

Out of 5
AFX Infinity Raceway
AFX Infinity Raceway One Of
2 Formula Style CarsLength = 8.5 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 8
Layouts = 1
2 feet by 4 feetReviews # 4
Ratings = 5

AFX Super Coupes
AFX Super Coupes Slot Car Set
Ford’s GT40
Jim Hall’s Chaparral

Length = 12.8 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 12
Layouts = 1
3 feet by 5.5 feet
Reviews # 9
Ratings = 3.7

AFX 24 Hour Champions
AFX 24 Hours Champions Slot Car Racing Set
Audi R10 TDI
Peugeot 908
Length = 35 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 37
Layouts = 1
4 feet by 6.5 feetReviews # 1
Ratings = 2

AFX Super International
AFX Super International Slot Car Set
4 Formula Style Cars
Length 2 lanes = 50 feet
Length 4 lanes = 25 feet
Lanes = 4
Pieces = 86
Layouts = 18
4 feet by 11 feetReviews # 11
Ratings = 4.4

AFX Big Block Battlers
AFX Big Block Battlers Racing Set
2 Stock CarsLength = 40 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 42
Layouts = 3
7 feet by 4 feetReviews # 7
Ratings = 4.4

AFX Long Beach Grand Prix
AFX Long Beach Grand Prix Slot Car Set
Paul Tracy Car
Sebastien Bourdais
Length = 53 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 65
Layouts = 8
16 feet by 9 feetReviews # 1
Ratings = 5.0

AFX Thunderloop Chaser
AFX Thunderloop Chaser Slot Car Racing Set
Stock Car
Police Car
Length = 31 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 37
Layouts = 1
3.5 feet by 6.5 feetReviews # 2
Ratings = 4.5

AFX Giant Raceway
AFX Slot Cars Set
2 Formula Style CarsLength = 62.5 feet
Lanes = 2
Pieces = 68
Layouts = 2
4 feet by 8 feetReviews # 3
Ratings = 3

The layouts included on the AFX Slot cars comparison chart is the number of standard layout that are shown in the instructions sheet. With a little imagination you can make up your own track layouts.

AFX Video

The video on AFX slot cars I have included here gives a good overview of the different ranges and models of slot cars and sets now available. Below this are brief reviews of AFX Slot Cars Sets.

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Popular AFX Sets Descriptions

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Infinity Raceway – this is a great set for a beginner. Easy and quick to set up and take down and fits within a small area. The Infinity Raceway set comes with the Tri-Power pack with settings of beginner, intermediate and expert to help control the speed of cars while getting the hang of the hand control. You get fewer crashes, less frustration and more racing time when starting out.

Read more about the Infinity Raceway here

Giant Raceway Set – this is a big set - with 62.5 feet of track squeezed into an area of only 4 feet by 8 feet. It comes with 2 Mega G formula cars. Also comes with the Tri Power pack so you can dial down the speed while getting used to handling the corners. A great track that really packs in the action.


Find out more about the Giant Raceway here

24 Hour Champions Raceway Set – the latest set from Tomy AFX. 35 feet of track and based on the Le Mans 24 hour race. Comes with 2 high quality cars based on the champions of the Le Mans race - the Audi R10 and Peugeot 908. The track comes with sweeping turns to keep the speed up to the upper limit. Keeps the racing thrills to a maximum.


Click here to find out more about the 24 Hours Champions Raceway Set from Tomy AFX

AFX Thunderloop Chaser Slot Car Set – You get 31 feet of action packed track – a 360 degree loop, through the loop, spiral corners, flyovers, q shaped corners. Comes with a Crown Victoria police car and a Monte Carlo stocker get a way car. Lots of cops and robbers chasing action thrills. Comes with a Tri-power pack to match to skill levels for more racing time.


You can get more details here on the Thunderloop Chaser Slot Car Set

AFX Super International This might be AFX Slot cars best set. You get 4 formula 1 style cars and the ability to build 18 Formula 1 track layouts from around the world all with 4 lanes. Track length when using the 4 lane layouts is 25 feet. But you can also make your own layouts including 2 lane tracks. Comes with a Tri-Power pack.

You can check out our full review here; AFX Super International

This is just a quick overview of some of AFX slot cars sets we have investigated. We will provide more reviews of AFX slot cars and sets so come back soon.

AFX Racing Background

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AFX slot cars were manufactured by Aurora originally. The AFX stands for Aurora Factory Experimental. During the 1970s they introduced better looking models with great attention detail and magnets to help the cars stay on the tracks and other innovations. Despite this they were still affected by the slot car racing fall in popularity in the late 1970s. Due to this and problems with Aurora they were sold and eventually they ended up being owned by Tomy.
The Latest AFX Slot Cars Set

Today the Tomy AFX brand continues to deliver. A recent example is the AFX Giant Raceway Slot Car Set with Mega G Chassis and Tri-Power Pack. This is a popular model and has some features that will add to the experience of slot car racing.
First off this is a long track at 62 feet as a two lane slot car set. The manufacturers say this is the longest slot car track available today. I can’t find any longer. Despite that length it only takes up only 8 feet by 4 feet of space, so pretty compact. (Hopefully mum will let it stay down for a while)
One of the issues for kids when starting slot car racing is keeping the car on the track. The two Mega-G cars come with better handling and magnets to keep the cars on the track plus the AFX Tri-Power Pack Helps too.

A new innovation for AFX Slot Cars is called Tri-Power. There are three setting beginner, intermediate and expert. The power to the slot car track is altered depending on the settings, with the beginner setting reducing the power and therefore the top speed of the cars to make it easier to keep the car in the slot and continuing racing. It is claimed that cars will stay on that track around 95% of time even at full throttle. Intermediate the ratio is the cars stay on track 60-70% of time at full throttle. With the expert setting the cars speed needs to be managed to make it around the twists and turns.

I think AFX slot cars with their recent innovations and their return to quality have come along way since the 70s. The slot cars today are faster and the tracks are longer than I remember. They also come with additional features to make it even more fun. So, AFX Slot cars are definitely worth either checking out for the first time or revisiting them. But don't just take my word, read some of the reviews below:

AFX Slot Car Customer Reviews

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"I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase; it is a wonderful, engaging toy that captures the imagination and excitement of racing for my son...(read more here: AFX Super International Review)"

"Get one. No matter how old you are. ...(read more here: AFX Infinity Review)"

"The cars are cool and they go FAST! ...(read more here: AFX Thunderloop Chaser Review)"

AFX Slot Cars, Track And Accessories

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AFX do have accessories, track and cars for replacement or adding to an existing track. Here is only a beief description of what is available. I will add to this probably on a separate post. In the meantime there is a link to AFX's official site below;

There are a wide range of AFX Slot Cars available spread over 5 ranges. The Collector Series has 13 different cars plus some white and clear bodies. They include Cobra Daytona Coupe #9, GT40 #5 Bucknum, GT40 #1 Miles and more
The Mega G series is their latest range with 18 cars to choose from. These are their latest cars and are described as being better and faster than ever. The other ranges from AFX are Racing Turbo and Super G+. You can either replace or add cars to your set with these cars.

AFX have a number of different track pieces available to expand your set including 20 sets of track pieces including squeeze tracks, crossovers, chicanes, corners and straights.

The accessories available include power packs, bridge supports and controllers etc. Everything needed to keep your cars and set running longer. The Tri-Power pack is included and this is one of top accessories (now included as standard with AFX latest sets) with its 3 power setting - beginner, intermediate and expert - a great help when you are new to slot car racing.
To check out AFX Racing Official site click here

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